Sunday, December 12, 2010

We really need a pet

Meet Gary. We found him a few weeks ago in Ikea. Husband picked him up, felt how soft and cuddly he was, and immediately wanted to buy him and bring him home. So we did. Now Gary is a part of our everyday life. He will join us at the dinner table. He will sit with us while we watch TV. He will crawl into bed with us at night. We talk to him, but he doesn't talk back... yet. Husband says Gary freaks him out because of his eyes: Husband feels that Gary's eyes are searching his soul. I think his eyes are beautiful.

Having Gary in our home these past few weeks has led us to make the following conclusions:
1) We really need a pet and
2) Talking to a stuff animal is one step away from the loony bin!

I wonder if they let stuffed animals in those padded rooms?


Natalie said...

you need a scentsy buddy with the hemingway scent pak! super soft and smells great! don't get a pet, too much work (I hate dog hair)

Jocelyn said...

SO CUTE! now I want one!