Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sisterly Love

This is my sisters response to my post yesterday about her stealing my week:

Dear Sister who feels so neglected in her life,

I have been thinking and I feel that it is unnecessary for me to apologize about your week being stolen for the following 3 reasons:

A) Rolling my car was not intentional, if you want to blame someone blame mother nature. She caused it to happen.

2) It was my week before it ...was not yours because it was my birthday. So technically it has been my week for the last 24 years. It was NEVER yours. You just intentionally planned your surgery then so that you could steal my week in the first place. So maybe Mother Nature was giving us a gentle reminder that weeks can't be stolen so she caused it to happen so that my week was given back to me. Mother Nature set things back into its proper order. Get over it.

D) This just furthermore proves my point that I am the most loved sibling. I can't help the fact that the family was more concerned about me than you. Man, I am loved aren't I?

Love, Mandy

P.S. Stuff that in your little blog and spread it


Mardi said...

My favourite part of the feud is the numbering (or lettering, if you will): A), 2), D). Just three reasons?
Someone is a little confused and it might not be just me.

Also, I'd ask how you were doing, Michelle, but you were pretty graphic about that so I'll just say: Get Well Soon, Merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday. This coming week is truly yours for the snatching.

The Samples Sampler said...

I think the numbering/lettering is a shout out to Home Alone when Buzz lists the reasons why Kevin will okay at home alone.

And you are correct, this week is definitely all mine. And if anyone tries to steal it from it...they are in big trouble!