Sunday, December 29, 2013


Just a few pictures from our Christmas celebration. We didn't exchange presents this year. Instead, we decided to just do stockings. It was nice not to have to stress about getting the perfect (or even not so perfect) present. Stockings are a big deal in our house because they are full of treats we only get on our birthdays and at Christmas. We look forward to our stocking every year!

Husband with his stocking loot.

I LOVE Lucky Charms!

Christmas dinner table, complete with Gary (of course).

Husband lighting the candles.

Me making the gravy.

Our Christmas Advent scripture a day thing. The first verses were prophecies about Christ's coming. The next few verses about the birth. The last verses were about how Christ came to earth to die for our sins.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Solstice Fun

To celebrate the winter solstice, we made candles! Husband shaved down some old pillar candles and we used that wax to make our candles. It wasn't too hard to do and we really enjoyed making them!

Our wax shavings

We don't have a double boiler, so we improvised. It worked out well.

The jars eagerly awaiting their wax.

Husband adding more wax to the pot.

Carefully pouring the wax.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ugly Sweater Party

We went to an ugly sweater party this weekend. I found a great sweater to wear, but despite searching in two States, we were unable to find a sweater for Husband. I guess we will have to start the search earlier next year.

Everyone brought appetizers. When I saw this on pinterest I just knew I HAD to make it! It's my first time making a cheese ball. I think it tasted pretty good! Husband did a great job turning the cheese ball into an igloo, proving once again that he is the Martha Stewart in our relationship!

My sweater. Isn't it a beauty?

Our friend, J!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We still REALLY need a pet!

Ever since we moved into our townhouse, this orange cat has been in our area. He definitely belonged to one of our neighbours but word on the street is that they either moved and left him here or they kicked him out. Since we aren't sure what his name is we call him Fred (after the Harry Potter character). He has always been super friendly and very social. We frequently pet him whenever he is around our door. A few days ago, I sat down to pet him and he crawled right up into my lap. In the two years we have lived here he has never done that! He snuggled down and started purring like crazy. Thinking maybe it was a fluke, the next day Husband went out and sat down next to the cat. Fred immediately jumped into Husband's lap. Now if we sit down while petting him, Fred climbs up and settles in for a good, long rubbing. We are happy to oblige.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Autumn day

The fall foliage hit peak this week, with the trees boasting leaves of gold, yellow, and red. This picture is the view from our bedroom. I love seeing those beautiful autumn colours!

The weather was so nice on Saturday, we just had to get out and enjoy a walk down by the river.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fire in the sky

This was our sunset last night. Absolutely gorgeous. The whole sky looked like it was on fire.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Apple picking

There are apple orchards aplenty here in Central Virginia. Over the weekend, we ventured out with some friends to a nearby orchard. It was a hot day for apple picking (over 80*F), but it's hard to complain too much, especially when the orchard is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Part of the B family!

C and the B girls picking some apples. These little girls were too cute!

Don't they look delicious?

A sure sign of fall

Husband's first time apple picking

Husband and his new friend M (if you look closely, you can see they are holding hands!)

I'm a pro apple picker!

J and R, (who is probably running in this picture. Kids have BOUNDLESS energy!)

Part of of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Richmond, VA

Recently Husband had some military business that had to be taken care of in Richmond. I tagged along for fun. We stopped at the Virginia War Memorial and Maymont Park. The Memorial is very moving. It lists all the Virginians who have given their lives serving our country from World War II through the ongoing war in Afghanistan. It was sobering to see all those names, and realize that they were from one State! My eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with gratitude as I read the names of the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of freedom.

Part of the Memorial

Downtown Richmond (from the Memorial)

After the Memorial, we went to Maymont Park. What a fantastic place! They have a small aquarium with fish, turtles, eels (nasty, ugly creatures!), blue crabs, and river otters. We had a great time watching the otters swim. Husband enjoyed "playing" with a blue crab: the crab's claw would follow his finger as he moved it along the glass!

The park also has a petting zoo/farm animal area and a wildlife exhibit. The wildlife exhibit had deer, a bear, a fox, a bobcat, and birds of prey.