Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Forecast gone wrong; very, very wrong.

Last night we went to bed knowing that we would wake up to a dusting of snow. The forecast called for light snow, followed by mid-morning rain. By 8am, we knew the forecast was wrong, but we had no idea how wrong it was. It snowed all day, finally ending around 5pm. When it was over, we had about 6 inches of snow. So much for the "dusting" they called for.

Taken about 11am. This is our front yard and the road.

Definitely more than a dusting!

The poor tulips! I hope they still bloom.

Ice and water on some tulip shoots.

Robins mean spring right? Not so much.

I cut these daffodils from our flower bed on Saturday. I like how they looked in front of the window with the snow falling outside.

Because it was spring snow, it was perfect for making a snowman!

Duck lips!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


It was bound to happen sooner or later. The wood stove claimed me as its first victim this week. Thankfully, the burn isn't too bad. My arm BARELY brushed the stove and I got to cold water right away. It will probably leave a scar though, so I should come up with a cool story about how I got it. Any ideas? Oh, and don't worry, it won't happen again (I hope).

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Little house on the prairie?

The house we moved into has a wood burning stove. We absolutely love it! It heats up the house quite well on the cold, cold nights, thereby cutting down our use of the heat pump. We often joke about hauling the wood to the fill the wood box, saying we are living like they did in Little House on the Prairie.Well, except for the fact that we have electricity and our bathroom is inside the house! A common refrain around our place is "I'll get the wood, and then I'll milk the cow and churn the butter." We have both become very proficient in building fires. That old boy and girl scout knowledge is coming in handy!

Husband doing the hard labour bringing wood in from the wood pile.