Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Our tree! I FINALLY found a tree topper that I like!

Guess what I am going to be doing this summer! Wish me luck!

We have graduated from using knives to using letter openers. Maybe next year we will use scissors! (Don't you just love Husband's "Christmas" shirt?)

Why waste wrapping paper? Just combine pieces of different papers, and don't wrap the back. No one sees that part anyway. Will someone PLEASE teach Husband how to wrap a gift?!?

Of course Gary had to join us for our celebrations!

Our Christmas Eve dinner. Usually, we make our own pizzas on Christmas Eve, but given my recent surgery, I wasn't really feeling up to getting everything together to make pizzas. So we ordered instead. This Christmas was about me doing as little as possible so I didn't tear my incision open. This, along with some root beer, was also our Christmas Day breakfast. Let's just say, that is not a tradition we will adopting anytime soon.

The turkey. It did not get eaten on Christmas day because we were still recovering from our pizza and root beer breakfast. Have I mentioned that was a very, very, very bad idea?

My beautiful book on grain elevators that Husband got me for my birthday. I absolutely love grain elevators. I'm not really sure why; I guess it's the prairie girl in me. I wish I could show you the amazing pictures inside, but I am pretty sure that is a violation of the copyright, and I don't want to end up in jail. I hear they don't allow grain elevator books in jail!


Samber said...

I actually think that viewing books on grain elevators is part what they inflict on inmates. haha. Love your sense of humour. Hope that you're recovering fully.

Ashlee said...

Ok, if I had known you were "alone" on Christmas Eve I would have extended you the invite to our annual loner family party! Consider yourself invited for next year!!!

ryanmiles82 said...