Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finding my inner geek

This picture isn't very clear, sorry. But it shows a game that Husband introduced me to a few nights ago. Anyone care to guess what the game is? Okay, I'll tell you. It's called Star Trek CCG. He used to play it in his younger days (and by younger days I mean middle school and high school), and kept the cards. The cards resurfaced after our move and Husband was dying to teach me how to play the game. The game involves completing various missions. The missions are worth points and the first one to 100 wins. There is a Death Star, a Hobbit with a ring, some ewoks and a level six Orc...oh wait! Never mind. I am confusing the geek-based science fiction stories here! Anyway, I finally relented one night and let Husband teach me how to play. I was bored, and thought it would be better than sitting around staring at the walls (note to self: get cable!). To my surprise, the game was actually pretty fun. It's complicated to learn, but I caught on fairly quickly. I even won the first game! I guess it just goes to show that inside of me is a geek wanting to get out.

May the force be with long and ring to unite us all...or whatever a closet geek is supposed to say.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

And then there were least for now!

In March of 2008 my brother Ron left on a two year mission for our church to Peru. In January of 2009 my sister left on a 18 month mission to Arizona and in June of 2009 my brother Jon left on a two year mission to Texas. For just over 3 years, our family has had missionaries out in the world. That all changed yesterday when Jon came home! Hooray!

We are currently waiting for my youngest brother to receive his call (a letter from our Church assigning to him to a specific area where he will serve his 2 year mission). So soon enough we will once again have a missionary out. But I think for now, my mother will enjoy being able to communicate more than once a week with all her children!

Welcome home Jon-a-fat! We missed you!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Outside time!

We are very blessed to live close to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Husband and I recently decide to spend a day in the great outdoors hiking. Although it was a little humid for our liking (read: we were DRENCHED in sweat! It wasn't pretty!), we enjoyed being out in nature. We plan on making many more trips to the mountains! I cannot wait until autumn. This place is going to be beautiful!