Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Scene Stealer

I love my youngest sister, but sometimes she can be a bit selfish. Last Tuesday, I went into the hospital for surgery. It was a somewhat major surgery. I had to spend two nights in the hospital and I came home with a wonderful 8 inch incision going across my abdomen. For the first 4 days I couldn't get in or out of bed without help. The first night home, I couldn't even get into the bed and I had to sleep on the couch. The recovery is pretty long: no housework, shopping, or driving for two weeks. I can't go back to work for 4 weeks. And has anyone tried sneezing with an 8 inch incision across the bottom of their abdomen? It really, really hurts! Sneezes are my worst enemy. Anyway, I digress. Back to my selfish sister. As I mentioned, my surgery was on Tuesday. Well, three days later my sister was driving home from school in Idaho when she hit some ice and rolled her car in the middle of nowhere Montana (okay let's be honest here: all of Montana is in the middle of nowhere!). Thankfully she and her 2 passengers were not hurt. This incident led to numerous phone calls and emails that went back and forth amongst my family, everyone wondering how my sister was doing, and wondering what they could do to help. Posts were made on her Facebook wall. Everyone wanted to be updated. Siblings who hadn't even contacted me to see how I was doing were trying to contact my sister to make sure she was okay. My mother sent out emails updating everyone on how my sister was doing. Where were the emails about how I was doing? I was the one who had the surgery! I was the one who can't even use the bathroom without it hurting. All my selfish sister did was roll her car and walk away from it. She didn't have her insides cut open. She didn't need help getting in and out of bed. And yet, everyone was all concerned about her: "Oh dear! I hope she's okay." "I know I just called her, but I am going to call again, just to make sure." Meanwhile, I'm tossed aside, my surgery forgotten. Who cares how I am doing when selfish, scene stealing sister is taking center-stage? This was supposed to be my week for that! I want my week back! My sister says I can have my week back, but it's too late. The damage has been done. It's okay family. I forgive you. Next time I want your attention, I'll just roll my car and walk away from it instead of getting surgery. It will be less painful for me anyway.


Natalie said...

if it makes you feel better I had no idea that she rolled her car, and I didn't message her to see how she was doing! (Glad she's ok, but happier that you are doing good)
It does hurt when you sneeze with an incision, I found coughing worse. Besides, your sneezes are little baby sneezes!! (have you heard chris sneeze, I think you could probably hear it all the way from texas)
make sure that hubby of yours take good care of you.
and stop complaining about the airconditioning or i'm going to send the snow down to you!

SongbirdMama said...

I'm so sorry, 'Chelle. I didn't know you were having surgery. I'm sorry you were overlooked by your family. I hope you have a quick recovery.

CS said...

aw sorry you had to have surgery and you didn't get all the requisite attention!! I hate that feeling- I mean, if I'm in pain, I want everyone to sympathize with me and baby me. Anyway I hope you're feeling better now!!!

ryanmiles82 said...

I asked about you--multiple times. I'm still asking how you are! Ya big baby! (Youngest sister tends to be a drama queen. Your point is extremely valid!)