Sunday, November 27, 2011

Was that even a hockey game?

Over the (American) Thanksgiving break, we went to an NHL game. We watched the Carolina Hurricanes take on the new Winnipeg Jets. It was Husband's first NHL game (and part of my evil plan to turn him into a Canadian). We had seats way up in the nose bleeds, but it was perfect because we could see the entire ice, no problem. The seats were great! We even sat behind a fellow Canadian. The girl who sang the national anthems did a stellar job; she got the words AND the tunes right! I was impressed with the announcer who asked everyone to respect both national anthems and invited the crowd to sing along (from my experience it was rare to hear the crowd be invited to sing along to the anthem here in the States). They even had the words to each anthem on the jumbo-tron.

The game was exciting to watch. But I must confess I am not even sure it can count as a hockey game. There were no fights. Not one. Nope. Nada. Zilch. I didn't even know that could happen in hockey. Sure, there were a couple dust ups here and there; an exchange of pleasantries if you will. And there were a couple pretty good hits. But punches? Nope. Don Cherry would get nothing from this game for his Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em highlight reel.

In the end, Winnipeg won 3 to 1, which was good because that's who we were cheering for. I was actually surprised to see quite a few Jets fans in the stands. There were some die hard Atlanta Thrashers fans who made the trek to see their former team play (it's about a 7 hour drive from Atlanta to Raleigh). That's dedication.

I was hoping this would turn into a fight, but no such luck

Warm up time

I think Husband has a little man crush on this guy Dustin Byfuglien. He took a few too many pictures of him! He used to play for the Blackhawks, Husband's favourite team.

An action shot

For those of you who didn't see this on Facebook, I have posted it here. These two sat next to each other for almost the entire 3rd period. It amused me greatly. If you don't know why this is amusing, check this link.

He looks more and more Canadian every day!

Another action shot (it's my blog, and I will put whatever I want on here!)

Husband took this pic during warm ups. Notice the puck that has just bounced off of the stick? Husband wins for best picture of the night.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

They're starting to add up!

You may remember this post in May of 2010 about my sister and sister-in-law both giving birth just days apart. Well, they've done it again, but instead of a few days apart, it was a few weeks apart. My sister had a baby at the end of September and Husband's sister gave birth to this beautiful baby girl yesterday.

Ava Taylon 7lbs 13oz of adorable pinkness

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Who goes to a football game in November? Crazy people that's who! This weekend we attended a football game at Husband's university. Our good friends were brave enough to join us. Despite the cold, the game was a lot of fun. It was military appreciation day at the stadium and I have to say I was very impressed. The half-time show was dedicated to saluting those men and women who bravely fought and continue to fight for freedom. It was a nice way to honour those have served in the military.

On a side note, I think this is proof that I have become a wimp since moving to the States. I remember going to football games at the Canada and not freezing as much as I did at this game. Maybe I've become a wimp or maybe I am just getting old (I don't think my age is a factor because I am only 23!).

We cheered for the team in red (and they won!)

At the end of the half-time presentation, they had these people recreate the famous picture from the Battle of Iwo Jima

Colour Guard

The half-time show included a 21 gun salute

We don't look that cold, do we? Actually, it wasn't until about half way through the 4th quarter that I really started feeling the cold. I'd say I held up pretty well!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You ruined Halloween, Charlie Brown!

So, if you are friends with me on Facebook and you happened to see my status on Sunday, you already know that we had a minor "incident" involving Husband's jack-o-lantern. We carved our pumpkins on Saturday and then, because our kitchen is rather small and space is limited, I decided to keep both pumpkins on a kitchen chair so they wouldn't be in the way. That night before bed, I thought it would be a good idea to move the pumpkins to the floor so they wouldn't get knocked off the chair. Well, in my attempt to move my pumpkin to the floor, I knocked the chair, and you guessed it, off fell Husband's pumpkin. Sigh. Try as I may, I could not get the pumpkin back together. It was late, and I was annoyed so I just left it. On Sunday I had the genius idea to use my glue gun to try and fix the pumpkin. I say "genius" idea because it worked! Who knew that hot glue would adhere to the inside of a pumpkin? If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of ruining a loved one's jack-o-lantern, just pull out your glue gun! You're welcome!

Husband's pumpkin after the "incident"

All glued up! If you look closely you can see some of the glue!

My pumpkin

Husband's pumpkin all lit up. It lost a tail in transition from the kitchen to the front porch, but overall I think the glue held up well. Also, you may notice that there is a light in the pumpkin rather than a candle. I was afraid the candle would melt the glue and destroy what was left of Husband's hard work!