Friday, August 27, 2010

The Cookie Jar

A couple Christmases ago (Is that how you pluralize "Christmas"?), Husband bought me a snowman cookie jar online. When it was delivered, Husband realized that the jar was broken. He thought he would be funny and wrap it up anyway (When he phoned the company, they said they couldn't send a replacement, and gave him a refund). Christmas morning found me opening up a broken present. To be honest, I thought it was pretty funny, but I pretended to be sad.

My wonderful present

Our own Humpty Dumpty

Over the next few days, Husband painstakingly tried to glue the pieces back together. He spent hours on it. Then, Christmas break was over and he had to go back to work. The cookie jar was put in a box, and Husband promised he would finish it.

Trying to glue it back together (I think he inhaled too many super glue fumes before this picture!)

Fast forward 18 months: We are in the process of clearing out some of the clutter in our apartment. Last night, I came across the cookie jar, still somewhat broken and still in the box (you may recall that we moved about 18 months ago. That means that we hauled a broken cookie jar clear across the country. You may be wondering why we didn't throw it out. Well, I wanted to toss it, but Husband insisted that he would and could put it back together!). I pulled the box out and showed Husband. He started laughing and said "I can still fix it, you know." I gave him "The Look" and said "We are throwing it out." But before I tossed it, I had to get a picture of Husband's hard work from 18 months ago! I think he gets an A for effort.

"I can still fix it, you know!"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Alaska anyone?

Today we hit 108 degrees. It is almost 9:00pm and it is still 100 degrees outside. How far away is Alaska again?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some things are better left unsaid

I was sitting in the living room today when I decided I wanted to say hi to Husband, who was in his office. I called out "Husband! I love you!" His response? "No thank you." Not really sure what that means, but I am betting it's not a good thing.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm not known for my subtlety

The other day I was at the Mall and I decided to have my wedding rings cleaned. While I was waiting, I noticed signs all over the jewelery store advertising a promotion they were having. When I asked about it, the salesman handed me a few fliers to take with me. When I got home I decided to place the fliers around the house so Husband would find them and get the hint that it would make a good gift. I also plan on putting one in his lunch and one in his work bag this week. I guess only time will tell if he gets the hint.

On his laptop.

On his thinking chair.

In his underwear drawer.