Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Ladybug Mafia

Remember my post a few weeks ago about the ladybugs? Husband and I recently had to travel out of town for a funeral. The night before the funeral, while we were in our hotel room, I noticed something flying around the room. When it finally landed on the ceiling we discovered that it was a ladybug! I know ladybugs are supposed to be lucky, but what does it mean if they stalk you? I am beginning to wonder if they aren't lucky, but are in fact part of a ladybug mafia and we have done something to make them mad. If we suddenly go missing, make sure someone questions the ladybugs!

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Krista Temple said...

One lady bug is basically nothing compared to what I've seen! We used to live in a 200+ year old house in NH and every fall the ladybugs would INVADE LIKE CRAZY!! there would literally be HUNDREDS of them coming in somehow thrrough the windows in my room and they would all be crawling around the windows and ceilings for aleast 2-3 weeks and then they would leave through whatever entrance they came in from. Yes, we would always find dead ones, but not nearly so many as should have been dead compared to how many were in there. I don't know how they were getting in, but they were everywhere, And I used to think it was kina cool... yeah, I'm weird.