Sunday, January 3, 2010

We went to the fights and a hockey game broke out!

Husband and I went to a hockey game this weekend. We watched the San Antonio Rampage play the Abbotsford Heat. It was the first game I've been to in almost 2 years. That's forever for a born and bred Canadian. The game was fast-paced and very physical, with a lot of bone jarring hits and a few fights. The Heat won the game in a sudden death shoot-out. That's always an exciting way to end the game!

#27, Brett Sutter, second generation of the Sutter Family dysansty (They are almost as famous as Wayne Gretzky)

Look at that beautiful flag! I even got to hear the Canadian National Anthem. I must admit it brought a tear or two to my eyes. Throughout the game some of the Rampage fans thought they would be clever and yell Canadian themed insults at the Heat. I was amused by what they choose to shout ("Take off Hoser" and "Go back to Canada" were very popular). I was tempted to remind them that over half of the Rampage players were Canadian, but I decided I would be wasting my time and energy.


I tried to get a picture of the puck dropping, but my camera isn't expensive enough to do that.

The Rampage are the farm team for the Phoenix Coyotes. (The Heat are affiliated with the Calgary Flames.)

Action shot!

No hockey game is complete without a fight!

So this guy, Jamie Lundmark, took a puck to the head late in the third period. We were close enough to the ice to hear the impact. It was not a pleasant sound. The injury wasn't too bad though, as he was back on the ice for the shoot-out. Thank goodness for helmets!


Ryan and Meg said...

You guys got great pictures! Were you pretty close to the ice? Two years, eh? Sad! Ummm...Yeah. Go, Turris, go!! Yay! We love the Coyotes! Boo!--We HATE the Blames!! (Dad would be proud of you, for holding out--in spite of the beautiful flag being sported...

The Samples Sampler said...

We were close to the ice. It was pretty sweet! I never said who I rooted for in the game. You can't assume I cheered for the Rampage...

Ryan and Meg said...

Good point--you did, however, speak with my husband, indicating something to the effect of 'I don't think I can bring myself to cheer for anyone associated with the Flames--in spite of the beautiful flag" or something like that...You DIDN'T root fer the Heat DID YOU?!?!?!?