Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun with animals

Over the Christmas holidays we house-sat for some friends of ours. They have two animals: a dog name Jack and a cat named Alex-the-lion (who we promptly nicknamed Alex-the-lion-the-cat). We love pets and we were happy to send time with the animals while their owners were away. The had a train set up around their Christmas tree, and Jack would bark at it and chase it every time we turned it on. We thought it was hilarious! The whole experience left us desperately wanting a pet, but our apartment complex requires a $400 pet deposit. So we will wait until we get a house and just visit Jack and Alex-the-lion-the-cat for now.

Hanging out with the animals

Kissy! Kissy! Alex-the-lion-the-cat is not exactly a fan of this game!

The stare-down

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The Spencers said...

I had to tell you that my kids made me play that video over and over. They loved the dog. DJ would sit there and squeel and laugh at the dog! Too funny! Richard and I got a little dog when we were first married. I loved coming home to a very excited Macy! We had her till the girls were 1, then we had to get rid of her because Brianna kept reacting (she has asthma). It was a sad day! Pets are fun!