Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great website!

I was doing some blog surfing the other day and came across an amazing blog (I have no idea how I found it!). It's written by a woman who has been feeding her family of 7 for 27 months from her food storage! Her blog is full of great recipes, tips on saving money at the grocery store, and information about how to store food long term. She talks about canning and gardening as well. This is by far the best website I have come across in the food storage category (and believe me, I have looked at a lot!). Be sure to read her story (it's at the bottom of the home page; click on the "about me" link) and look at her pantry (it was a garage!) Check it out. Here's the link.

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SeƱora H-B said...

Apparently I'm blog-stalking you today... Anyway. Thanks for sharing! What a cool blog. I've been looking for ways to cut WAY back on our grocery spending.