Saturday, August 6, 2011

Husband's hair

Because he had no Army obligations, Husband decided to let his hair grow out. He has never had hair this long! We decided to cut it today (it was getting a bit out of control). Here are some before and after pictures.

Who's a pretty boy?

Is it just me or does he look like Tom Hanks here?

Crazy, crazy hair

Can't get enough of that crazy hair!

Look at all that hair!

We weren't planning on making it this short, but since this is the only haircut I know how to do, this is what he got!

I think he is looking for his hair...

We will miss the long hair.


Mindy Percival said...

Ha! That is so much hair! I bet you had fun cutting it!

Linda said...

Great hair do! best one I have every seen. Just like Uncle Gary's and Wade's hair do. I wish I had a picture to show you The GREAT JOB !! Shelley did for my 1st hair do she did. Shelley was 9yrs old & I NEEDED a perm for Christmas. When she was finished my boss Doug steed kept looking at me for along time and making faces at me. He asked me if I forgot my hair brush. I told him what had happened. He said well GOOD THING HAIR GROWS. I wore my hair in a scaft tide back behind my ears. It took a good friend that was a hairdresser 6 times going to her house to CHOP it to make it right for Christmas. I felt bad for Shelley, because she cried for at least a month and a half everytime she looked at me. Now she does my hair ever since that day. I have no one else touch my hair. Tell you husband to smile and give you a hug and let you pratice, because pratice makes it perfect as Grandpa Atwood woold of said. Love you both Aunt Linda & Hutton Family