Friday, July 22, 2011

From starving student to starving graduate

My baby sister graduated from University today. I can call her my baby sister and she won't get mad at me because she never reads this blog, despite my repeated efforts to get her to do so. I mean, come on! Who wouldn't want to read my blog? It's funny. It's insightful. It's pretty much the most amazing thing on the Internet! No offense to the other blog writers out there of course. And even though I harass her to no end, and I accuse her of stealing the spotlight and I call her a drama queen... wait, I don't think she knows about that so let's keep that on the down-low... I am very proud of her! Unlike me, she actually did well in school. My motto was (and still is) C's get degrees, and I have the paper to prove it! Okay, so I wasn't quite that bad, but she definitely worked harder in school than I did. And all that hard work paid off, because today she goes from being a starving student to being a starving graduate. Congratulations Babe! You did it!

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Samber said...

That's a gorgeous picture, and quite the moving tribute. It's a real shame that she'll never have the honour of reading it. ;)