Saturday, April 10, 2010

Out and about

Summers here in Central Texas are hot! Husband and I learned our lesson last year and are spending as much time as we can outside before the heat hits. (Just so you know, spring is pretty hot too. What is considered summer weather in normal land is a typical spring day here). Today we decided to hike to the top of a hill situated in the heart of downtown. It offered us beautiful views of the Colorado River, the city skyline and very, very expensive houses.

The Colorado River and the very, very expensive houses!

Up close and personal with aphids.

These flowers were everywhere on our hike! I think they look like irises so that is what I am calling them. If anyone knows what they are, let me know!

One of the paths we took. Doesn't it look idyllic?


The city skyline. It looks crooked because I was standing on a very unstable rock when I took this.


SongbirdMama said...

Michelle, you are making me miss TX. *tear* And those flowers are called the "Ruellia brittoniana".....or the Dwarf Mexican Petunias.

Ruachel said...

Did you take all of those pictures? They are really beautiful. I'm jealous of your warm weather. The snow from the last Utah storm just melted. Stupid snow and mud.

The Samples Sampler said...

I did take all those pictures. I have an amazing camera so it does all the work. I just point and shoot!