Sunday, April 25, 2010

A day at the races

Every year, a nearby town holds wiener dog races. This year we met up with some friends to watch the action. Despite their stubby legs, some of those dogs sure can move fast. The most entertaining ones were the dogs that didn't leave the gate or ran in circles! Our old friend Jack the wiener dog (the one we pet-sat in December) ran in one of the races. He came in third, which from what I've been told is his best showing to date. I guess last year, he got about half-way down the "track" and then turned and ran back to the starting gates!

The dogs at the starting gate

Run, doggie! Run!

Here's Jack--the superstar!

They had a petting zoo that had the most adorable baby goat! I want a goat now!

I think this is the fattest chicken I have ever seen!

Here's Jack in his race (with Vance, his owner)

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Travis and Mardi said...

Trust me on this one - you do not want a goat.