Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So, so close

All of my loyal readers (and I know there are hundreds of you, eagerly awaiting my new posts) may recall a post last month about the heat here in Central Texas. We were five days away from breaking a record set in the 1920s. I am sad to report that we did not get the record. We needed 70 days of over 100F temperatures. The final tally here: 68 days. I am so sad because now I cannot claim to have lived in Central Texas during the hottest summer known to man. However, I can claim to have endured the hottest summer known to me. Although fall is my favourite season, it is always with a bit of sadness that I say goodbye to summer. All that changed this year. To summer I say "Good riddance!" and I welcome fall with open arms (and a pair of jeans!).


Roeckers said...

I still find it somewhat sad that the swimming days are over, the nights are chilly, and sun goes down sooner, and that I all the summer fruits and veggies are gone...
However I don't mind not having to shave twice a week covering up my legs with jeans, I don't have to run the air or the heater for now, I don't have to water the grass, I can put the kids to bed earlier and they don't know the difference, and the good ol' wind is back to remind me of Southern Alberta.

James said...

Michelle, Don't sell yourself short!! Although we didn't set the record for the most 100+ days this summer we shattered the record for average high by 2 degrees. (The papers keep using the word shatter, it wasn't my idea). We didn't get ALL the heat records but we did get a big one. Hence I'm telling everyone that I've lived through the hottest summer in Austin's history.

Stephanie Smith