Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If at first you don't succeed...pull out the frozen pizza

This lovely picture is our Easter dinner. Pizza was not the planned entree. Here's the story: In an attempt to cut our grocery bill, we sometimes participate in a program called Angel Food Ministries . Our participation depends on the food offered in a given month and how much of that food we would actually eat. We had a pre-seasoned roast from a recent order and I thought that would make a nice Easter dinner. I would make some mashed potatoes, throw together a salad, maybe make a vegetable of some sort, and we would sit down to a meal on our China dishes (with silver chargers underneath for that added touch of elegance). Fortunately, when it comes to making food, I can be a pessimist, and I was worried about whether or not we would like the roast (I am usually wary of things that come pre-seasoned because they never seem to taste right to me). So just in case, I had a frozen pizza as back-up. A few hours later, when the roast was finished, but before I made anything else, I cut into it and tasted it. I did not like it. I gave a bite to Husband and he didn't like it either. It didn't taste horrible, or even kind of horrible. It just wasn't to our liking. The pizza went into the oven and 25 minutes later, we were eating our Easter pizza on our China dishes. Because it was a special occasion, we ate with knives and forks. Holidays call for elegance, even when eating pizza.


Alicia said...

What did you do with the roast?!?!

The Samples Sampler said...

It is sitting in my fridge, waiting for me to do something to it to make it taste good. I need your husband here to work his magic and make it taste delicious!