Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Faith, trust and little pixie dust

When we moved to Central Texas earlier this year, the intent was for Husband to train to be a police officer here. The training was supposed to start in March, but it got delayed until June, which then got delayed until September. During this time, Husband and I have had the opportunity to reevaluate the course our lives should be taking. Husband is currently working on his Masters of Divinity, but only taking classes part-time. We both feel strongly that he needs to pursue his degree more aggressively by taking classes full-time. As a result, we have decide to defer his acceptance to the police academy for one year. This will allow Husband enough time pretty much complete his degree, but without completely cutting off the possibility of him becoming of a police officer. What is he going to do with a Masters of Divinity you ask? Well, right now we feel that Husband should prepare to go back to the Army as a Chaplain, and this degree prepares him to do just that. The next police training is slated to start in the fall of 2010. There is a spot for him in that class, and if after a year, we feel that we should stay here in Central Texas, and Husband should be a police officer, then he will attend that training. If not, then it will be back to the Army for us. Either way, it won't all be sorted out anytime soon. For now, we feel that God's plan is for Husband to go to school. We will take it one step at a time, praying for God's guidance every day and trusting Him to move us in the right direction.


CS said...

I think you guys are making smart decisions! Sounds like an awesome plan, one that keeps options open for the future and different opportunities. I know things'll work out! Plus, I'm always in favor of furthering one's education, and if you can do that while still keeping a possible different career path available, that's a huge bonus.

Tiffani said...

Wow! That's quite a decision. I support you wholly! You can't go wrong in listening to and following what God wants you to do in life. This is exciting! Cheers!