Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Living in a winter wonderland

We added a few more inches of snow to our winter wonderland over the weekend. One of the crazy things about living here is that the snow stays around. It does not blow because there is no wind (Thank goodness. This prairie girl definitely does not miss the wind!). It does not melt because, well, let's be honest: it's freezing cold here and the sun isn't in the sky long enough to melt anything. The snow stays pretty much where it lands for months. My friend R says we live in a snow globe. I tend to agree. 

These pictures were taken at a waterfowl refuge here in the city.  

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Meg said...

What do the water fowl need refuge from? The cold? Not kidding--please explain! I guess if their entire habitat is frozen, they need somewhere to go, eh? So is this a man-made location water fowl can head to while it's so cold? How would it be different from any other water location? Is it warmed somehow?

Beautiful country!