Friday, December 23, 2016

Aurora Ice Museum

We visited some nearby hot springs this week. Near the hot springs is an indoor ice sculpture display. We toured the sculptures before heading into the hot springs. The sculptures were beautiful. The detail on the different sculptures was impressive. I have no pictures of the hot springs because when we got in at 4pm it was already dark. It was 5*F/-15*C. Our heads were very cold! My hair froze almost immediately. We could have waited until spring for the warmer weather, but where's the fun in that? Besides, as much as we would love to spend all winter inside, that just isn't possible.

Our beautiful drive to the hot springs (photo taken around 2pm)

An ice sea horse

A number of ice blocks had flowers or other ice sculptures inside of them. Crazy cool


Jousting knights

Look at that detail

For $600 a night you can stay on this ice bed

Lighted ice

There's always that one guy...

The stars of the Alaska flag were inside this ice ball

I found us a new home

Playing the ice xylophone

Next year we are making ice jack o'lanterns

The outside of the ice museum. They keep it a balmy 20*F/-7*C.

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Meg said...

Wow! Who knew?

Husband is hilarious! Did the xylophone actually play? I think I want to try to make ice sculptures with flowers in them now. Really great idea! Why would ANYONE want to sleep on an ice bed??? Elsa maybe....

Thanks for sharing!