Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas in Ice

Today we ventured out into the cold (-13*F/-25*C) and made our way over to North Pole, where there was an ice sculpture display going on. It is amazing what someone with talent can do with a chainsaw and some ice! The sculptures were pretty incredible.

An Alaskan selfie. Notice my frozen hair and the frost on the top of Husband's toque (hat for my American readers).

Move over, Elsa. There is a new ice queen in town!

 Narnia! Look at the umbrella leaning against the lamp post. This was my favourite.

 An ice maze. It was amazing! Hahaha! I'm hilarious.

 Giant ice slide.

 We also said "hello" to Santa's reindeer, who were busy eating extra calories in preparation for their round the world flight in a couple of weeks. 


SongbirdMama said...

What an amazing looking place!

Meg said...

That is so neat! What amazing skill! Beautiful!