Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where the country was reunited

Virginia is chock full of historic sites from the American Civil War. This weekend we decided to visit Appomattox Court House, the place where the Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant, thereby ending the Civil War. We were a bit confused by the name "Appomattox Court House" because we thought it was a building. In actuality it was a village that served as a stopping place for people traveling between Lynchburg and Richmond. The village has been reconstructed and turned into a National Park. Appomattox is known as the place where the country was reunited because of the surrender that took place there. You can read all about it on wikipedia if you want to learn more.

The village general store

Some of the village buildings

The road upon which the Confederate Army retreated

Grave of a Confederate Solider in the middle of a field.

The McLean House: It was in the parlor of this house where General Lee officially surrendered. The parlor was aptly renamed The Surrender Parlor following this historic event.

The desk General Grant sat at during the surrender proceedings

The desk General Lee sat at during his surrender

Me and an old barn

General Lee's headquarters

At the site of General Grant's headquarters

This unknown Union soldier is buried with 18 Confederate soldiers. Of the 19 soldiers buried in this Confederate cemetery, 12 are unknown.

Two Confederate graves

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Karen said...

I love it!!! LOve historic sites... ok here's what you do: travel virginia with your camera and visit all the historic sites, document them, and share them on your blog. You work for me now!! lol of course, you work for free....