Sunday, September 4, 2011


While we were out and about in Appomattox Court House, we came across some nature trails behind Lee's headquarters. Of course we had to explore! We didn't last long though. I walked through three spider webs and Husband walked through one. After that, we were both ready to turn back. I am pretty sure I can still feel webs on me today! *Shudder*

Husband's amazing eyes spotted this little guy hidden in a log. Can you tell what it is?

It's a frog! Peek-a-boo!

Funnel spider web

There were spider webs everywhere!

This turtle was walking along on the path (Not sure what is hanging off his chin. It looks like a spider web, which wouldn't surprise me since there were about a million webs around)

Of course Husband had to pick it up because he is a boy and picking up reptiles is in his DNA. If he had been able to get to the frog, he probably would have picked that up too!

I think this might be a painted turtle, but since the only turtles I am familiar with are the Ninja turtles, I really don't have any idea. Anyone know what type of turtle this is?

This turtle was sunning himself in the trees just off the trail

Look! Autumn! This year I don't have to drive three hours to find it!


Samber said...

This is the best place for photos, I think. Loved the ninja turtle joke.

Karen said...

As always, I love your pictures!! You have talent. Keep 'em coming!
btw, they do look like painted turtles. I have a pic of painted turtles on my fb, they are alittle bigger and paler color than yours but could be they are cousins.

Mindy Percival said...

How fun! You are brave, I would high-tailed it out of there with all of those webs!