Saturday, January 17, 2009


This morning we woke up to snow, and lots of it! By the time we got out to shovel, almost 2 feet of snow had fallen and it was still coming! I haven't seen snow like this in years! We are moving Texas next week and thought that this was a fitting memory to take with us: our last snow storm (we hope!).
Measuring the snow

The snow is up to Husband's knees!

Enjoying a cup of Tim Horton's hot chocolate.


Jocelyn said...

I'm so jealous I'd love to leave this cold place and live somewhere warm! good luck with the move!

Roeckers said...

are you out of the army? or is this an army job? Or is hubby part of reserves?
Nice photos. I like the last one it tells the whole story!
Now who in their right mind takes a measuring tape out with them when they shovel snow? Never in my many years of shoveling snow have I ever taking a measuring tape out with me LOL! Only you!

Michelle said...

I wanted to know how much snow we had!