Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Help wanted

I am new to this whole blog thing and am still learning the ropes. Often it takes me two or three tries before I get a post to look the way I want it to. I think I have mastered most of the important aspects of the world of blogging, except for one: How to link other blogs in my posts. I see this all the time in my friends' blogs. They will reference something and there is a link to it. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do this! My friend Caranine is an extremely adept blogger and has references and links to her own previous blogs right in her text. How she does this, I do not know! But if anyone reading this knows how to accomplish this task that has eluded me, please enlighten me!


iemily said...

I dunno if this is the "proper way". But each blog post has it's own address. you can see it by clicking on the title of your post. For example, here is one.


Michelle said...

I will give that a try. We'll see what happens.

Roeckers said...

I believe you highlight the text you would like to link, then right click it and chose Hyperlink. Enter the web address you want it to go to and then Voila it should work!

Or there is the little link thing at the top. Highlight the words you want to link then click on the little chain thing and enter the address it should work too.

It shouldn't be that hard...does this help?

Michelle said...

Thanks to both of you! I think I got it now! See my latest post! I am going to a be a super blogger in no time!

CS said...

yeah these guys got it.
1. copy the URL (http://www.etc.com)
2. go to your blog entry and you highlight the text you want to link
3. click the little 'chain' looking icon
4. paste the URL into the text box that pops up.

that should do it!