Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For Alicia

Today I got an email from my dear friend Alicia. She wrote "I just wanted to make a request for your blog....you know that you started your blog to entertain me, so I am letting you know that you need to write a new post AT LEAST once a day. That way, when I check it each day there will be something new for me to read. So, get on that!"

So at Alicia's request, here is my post for the day (I hope it entertains her enough):

I just ate a grilled cheese sandwich. It was yummy.


Natalie said...

Just so you know, if you post what you ate every day, I will stop reading your post! love you :-)

Alicia said...

Now I want a grilled cheese!!!!! Thanks for the post! :) Alicia

Roeckers said...

Fabulous, more Michelle post. However I must agree it sucks going to the puter every morning and no one has posted anything new and entertaining. Your blog being one of the better written blogs with entertaining scenarios I read every post.

Michelle said...

Natalie: Don't worry. Unless what I eat is absolutely amazing and I feel the need to post the recipe, I will not be posting my daily diet.

Alicia: Glad you liked the post. I hope you feel special now!

Chrissy: Thanks for the encouragement. It is hard to know if people actually enjoy what I write. I will be sure to keep the rest of my posts up to standard.

Roeckers said...

Dear Michelle:

Remind Alicia to use a blog reader. Then she won't be forced to 'check' the blog every day. She'll be able to sign up to read several blogs from all over the internet, on all different topics. She'll still be thrilled when you post, because a little icon will tell her that you've updated, but she wont be dependent upon just your life, in order to live hers.

Just think about it. Watching as many blogs as you want about crafty stuff, raising children, family history, blogging about blogging, church news updates, good jokes, and whatever else the internet has to offer.

I've already blurbed about RSS readers Here if you'd like to send her the link. The full URL is: http://jake.roeckerfam.com/?p=46

I hope this helps. We manage our 50+ blogs we track using FLOCK. It's a great browser for 95% of the time.