Saturday, October 5, 2013

Richmond, VA

Recently Husband had some military business that had to be taken care of in Richmond. I tagged along for fun. We stopped at the Virginia War Memorial and Maymont Park. The Memorial is very moving. It lists all the Virginians who have given their lives serving our country from World War II through the ongoing war in Afghanistan. It was sobering to see all those names, and realize that they were from one State! My eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with gratitude as I read the names of the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of freedom.

Part of the Memorial

Downtown Richmond (from the Memorial)

After the Memorial, we went to Maymont Park. What a fantastic place! They have a small aquarium with fish, turtles, eels (nasty, ugly creatures!), blue crabs, and river otters. We had a great time watching the otters swim. Husband enjoyed "playing" with a blue crab: the crab's claw would follow his finger as he moved it along the glass!

The park also has a petting zoo/farm animal area and a wildlife exhibit. The wildlife exhibit had deer, a bear, a fox, a bobcat, and birds of prey. 


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