Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in our house

We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! Here are some pictures from our celebration.

This picture went in our Christmas card. Don't be offended if you didn't get one. We only sent out a handful, mostly to family who aren't on Facebook very often.

 We continued our tradition of making pizza on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas morning!

Sadly, this is the BEST picture of me from Christmas morning (I caught a cold virus and wasn't feeling well. I'm surprised I look as good as I do, because I felt a lot worse!)

Once a shaker, always a shaker!

As soon as I saw this "complimentary cereal bowl", I knew it would be perfect for Husband! 

Once again, Husband shows his amazing wrapping skills!

Every Christmas for the past 4 years, Husband has given me something for my Willow Tree Nativity Set. These animals were the last part of the set. He says he has no idea what to get me next year. Poor guy.

Duck lips!

I'm not sure what's going on here...

Taking it easy.

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Ash Kelley said...

Seriously, you guys are the cutest. Glad you had a merry Christmas!!! Hope you are feeling better!!!!