Monday, October 8, 2012


This year for Canadian Thanksgiving, I wanted to make as much as I could from scratch. A little more work? Yes. Worth it? Not sure. I was exhausted on Sunday! I slept 10 hours Saturday night (I never sleep that long!) and still had to take a nap. We had our friend WVL over and she brought the best mashed potatoes: "These potatoes are so creamy!" Quick! Name that movie! I'm not very good at taking food pictures, but here's some pictures from our dinner. It was delicious, but for American Thanksgiving, we are going out to Cracker Barrel!

Homemade rolls: they don't look perfect, but they sure tasted good.

Apple pie! Normally I just buy a crust, but this year I made it myself! 

Our Thanksgiving table, complete with Philip and Isabelle.

Husband stirring the gravy made from the turkey drippings.

Homemade stuffing! (J if you are reading this, I didn't use your Apple and Bacon recipe. It looked too complicated for my first attempt. Maybe I will give it a try at Christmas.)

Absolutely delicious squash and feta dish! Find the recipe here!


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