Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can't stop...

I found this recipe for apple chips in my latest issue of Whole Living Magazine. I've made two batches since Sunday because I can't stop eating them!

I also picked up a couple bags of candy corn the other day, and I can't stop eating those either. Seriously, what do they put in candy corn that makes it taste so good?

I figure the good of the apples cancels out the bad of the candy corn so I can eat as much as I want of both...right?


iemily said...

I saw candy corn oreos advertised in the states, but did not find any on my last trip. Have you tried them?

Pretty sure it's the Corn Syrup, Oil, Artificial Flavors and colors and wax that make it taste good.

Conclusion: you should probably just stick to apples :)

The Samples Sampler said...

I have not tried candy corn oreos. I don't eat garbage like oreos! Stuff like that isn't good for you!

I've come to my own conclusion based on your comment: I am ignoring your comment and buying more candy corn!