Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cascade Falls

Husband has been pretty busy with school work this summer so it has been hard for us to take any sort of summer vacation. He finally had a small break in his schedule and we planned on going camping. That plan was nixed after rain and thunder storms showed up in the forecast for the area we wanted to go to. The forecast said 40%-50% chance of rain. We didn't like those chances so I found a hike for us to do instead. We looked at the forecast and saw only a 30% chance of rain and decided that at 30% it probably wouldn't rain. Boy, were we wrong! It rained heavily twice for about 10 minutes each time while we were on the trail. The rain was quite refreshing and kept us cool for the rest of our hike. As you can see in the pictures, we were soaked by the rain! (As a side note, I was on the mend from my nasty cold when we went on the hike, but since then it has made a come back. I think the being wet part didn't help. Sigh.)

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