Monday, May 9, 2011


We made it to Virginia safe and sound. We left Central Texas 2 Saturdays ago at 12:30pm and pulled up to our new home in Virginia exactly 72 hours later. Not going to lie here folks; the drive was loooooooong. We drove in separate cars, so it was a lonely 1400 miles open road. Thankfully we each had a copy of John Grisham's book The Confession on Cd, and that helped the time fly by. By the way, did you know that you can rent books on Cd from Cracker Barrel for $3.50/week? They have a number of new releases and the best part is you can return the Cd's to any Cracker Barrel location. Perfect for a one way trip to Virginia. We only encountered one small problem on the drive. On our second day, it started to rain hard. We had to pull off the road for about 30 minutes because we could not see anything! When we got back on the road, it was slow going for awhile; 40 miles was the top speed. But other than that, we had great weather and made pretty good time. At one point we drove past a town that had been hit by the tornadoes that struck the South a couple of weeks ago. The wreckage was unbelievable: trees uprooted, buildings were piles of wood, tractor trailers flipped over. I definitely do not want to be anywhere near a tornado!

We have settled in nicely here. Of course we still have boxes to unpack, but give us another week and there won't be a box in sight (at least I am hoping for that!). We had our first "visitors" on Friday, when a swarm of bees decided to take up residence outside our upstairs bathroom. Then they decided to see what it was like on the inside! We had about 40 honey bees come into our place over a 2 hour period! Husband killed each one with a fly swatter while I started repacking our belongings! If the bees were staying, I was out of there! Eventually, an exterminator came and killed the bees, so we get to stay! Hooray! Stupid bees!

We are enjoying Virginia so far. The weather is beautiful! It is about 20 degrees cooler than Texas here! I love being able to go outside in the afternoon and not sweat too death. I'm told that it gets humid here in the summer, but as long as we don't have 70 days of over 100 degrees, I'm okay with humidity!

Gary is all ready to head to Virginia! He was supposed to keep me company, but he wasn't very good at keeping up his end of the conversation!


Mindy Percival said...

I just want to say, Welcome Home! I am glad your trip went well and I cant wait to see pics! :)

Ash Kelley said...

So glad you made it safely! Can't wait to see pictures of Virgina!