Friday, May 13, 2011


Meet Charlie. He is stray cat that has taken a fancy to hanging around outside our place (It could be because we feed him.) We also think Charlie might be a girl, but we can't get close enough to tell. He showed up Monday morning, looking so sad and hungry. So we got some cat food and fed him (or her). Now, every morning Charlie shows up about 5 minutes after I open the door to let the sunlight in (Don't worry, we have a glass door that keeps the cat out).

On Tuesday morning, another cat showed up. We named him Smokey. I know a gray cat named Smokey, how original. We can't determine if Smokey is a stray or not, but he shows up each morning and eats the food we put out. Tuesday afternoon brought two more cats to our door. At this point I was a bit concerned about what the neighbours would think, but neither cat was a stray and we haven't seen them since.

Charlie has spent the last two days curled up on the mat on our front step. He runs away when we go outside, and he won't let us touch him. But he has warmed up to me and actually got close enough to smell my hand a couple of times. Charlie won't go near Husband at all, so Husband says he and Charlie are not friends! I would love to take Charlie in, but we aren't allowed to have pets in our place. So instead we feed him and try to make friends. As one of our good friends said about feeding strays "It is the thing to do, when God sends you a cat."

As a side note, the local animal shelter offers free spay and neuter clinics for strays. Once Charlie has warmed up to me enough, I will trap him and take him to the shelter to get the deed done. I believe in being a responsible stray cat feeder!

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