Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's talk turkey

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. Being Canadian myself, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, even though we aren't in Canada (To all my American readers: Yes, we have Thanksgiving in Canada. No, it has nothing to do with the Pilgrims. No, we don't have a cool story about the first Thanksgiving. No, we didn't steal it from you. You didn't invent being thankful!). Because it's just the two of us, I bought a small 2 pound turkey breast. The instructions said to cook it for 2 hours. Well, 2 hours later, when I stuck my meat thermometer in to check the temperature, the gage moved backwards! Ummm...pretty sure that is not supposed to happen. So I cut into the turkey a bit; still ice cold. This presented a bit of a problem because everything else (potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, etc) was minutes away from being done! So, I cranked up the oven a bit, and found ways to keep the other dishes warm until the turkey finally decided to be done (thank goodness for multiple crockpots with a "warm" setting!). Total turkey cooking time: 3 hours, 10 minutes. Now I am no expert on cooking turkeys (my experience is limited to the one I cooked last Christmas), but I am pretty sure a 2 pound turkey breast is not supposed to take 3 hours to cook. Does that sound too long to anyone else?


SongbirdMama said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Samples!!!! Hope your 3 hour turkey was well worth the wait.

Ashley said...

Happy Thanksgiving! That does sound too long for a 2lb turkey. I hope your dinner was still delicious!

Oh, and yes, that is a bruise on Aubrey's head. She seems to always have one on her head these days. I promise, I don't abuse her! She's just accident prone, poor thing.

Andrea said...

Did you thaw it before you started cooking? The general rule is 20 minutes per pound thawed and unstuffed. Hope you enjoyed it!