Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stupid birds!

Today as we pulled into our parking spot after returning from San Antonio, I glanced up at our balcony to see how my tomato plant was doing. I could see that one of the tomatoes had turned red while we were gone. I was so excited! I ran up the stairs, quickly opened the front door and sprinted to the balcony. I couldn't wait to see how red the tomato was and to see if it was ready to be picked.
This is what I found:

It seems to me that a bird or two decided that the tomato looked delicious and decided to eat it. I almost cried. I nearly demanded that Husband go purchase a BB gun and sit on the balcony until the birds came back; but he was afraid he'd shoot his eye out. Army Ranger, my foot! If he was a real Army Ranger, he would snatch it out of air and kill it with his bare hands!

I only have 4 tomatoes left on the plant, so hopefully they will survive! I have to have something to show for my gardening efforts.


Natalie said...

looks juicy, sorry the bird got it first! if it makes you feel better, the frost got most of my tomatoe plants!

Tiffani said...

Man, there's nothing like invasive animals to make you feel violated. Seriously! When you have put so much time and effort into taking care of your plants only to have some dang bird take a chunk out of your prized tomato, you REALLY want to kill it! Or at least I do! I'm sorry to hear this news. Hey, could you get a net to put over your plants?

Travis and Mardi said...

I have my tomato plants in little greenhouses I bought at Wal-Mart. They are metal framed with wire shelves inside and then covered with clear plastic. A zipper opens the cover up the middle. They work really well and protect the plants from birds and, even more deadly, the wind in Raymond. They even survived the early June frost in there! (Though I'm sure you don't have that problem. Getting cooked to death may be more like it.)