Monday, March 16, 2009

I won! I won! I W-O-N!!

I have played countless games of Monopoly in my life, and as far as I can recall, I have won exactly one time. It was about 12 years ago, and I was playing with my dear friends, the Gatz family from Winnipeg, MB. I remember being in utter shock when I won. Since that day, I have continued to play, but winning was always eluded me. I have even lost to children as young as 8! Yesterday everything changed! Husband and I settled in for a nice quiet Sunday afternoon of playing Canada-opoly (which was Christmas present a couple of years ago from my sister and brother-in-law. I have no idea where they got it, but we love it). Just as a side-note, playing monopoly with two people is not nearly as fun. (note to self: find some friends already!). As the game progressed, Husband's money pile got smaller and smaller. I built log cabins and ski chalets. Husband mortgaged properties to pay rent. I kept building and raking in the dough. And, finally, after exhausting all options to try to pay an insane amount of rent, Husband conceded defeat! I had won at Monopoly! Of course, I couldn't let a moment like that pass me by and I became the gloating winner. But hey! I think I have a right to gloat! It's not every day I win at Monopoly!


Ruachel said...

This game makes me laugh. You are such a Canadian!

Susie said...

WE played this at Christmas. I won too. I wiped out Ryan Miles to be the last man standing,expect I'm a woman.