Sunday, December 28, 2008

Take your sippy cup already!

Today in Relief Society we were discussing how we have to ask Heavenly Father for help even though He already knows what we want and need. One of the women compared it to how she makes her children ask for things. She used the example of one of her kids coming to her with an empty sippy cup and wanting it filled. She makes the child ask for more, even though she knows exactly what the child wants. Another woman built on that comment by saying that sometimes, even if she is standing there, with the sippy cup full of milk, the child is so wrapped in his own crying and screaming that he is too busy to notice that the cup is right there. Then she went on to say that sometimes God tries to hand us the sippy cup. He is saying 'Dude, I have a world to run. Here's your sippy cup. Take it already!' That comment really got me thinking: How many times do I pray for blessings and then become too wrapped up in my own self-pity that I fail to recognize the blessing is right in front of me? I am crying and screaming for the full sippy cup, but don't take it when it is offered, because I don't and won't see it! If I ask for something, I need to be looking for the blessing. It may not come in the way I want, but I will get what I need. I may want a sippy cup full of pop, but instead get a cup full of milk, because it is better for me. Maybe I need to stop crying and screaming and take my sippy cup already.


The Lawlor's said...

Thanks Michelle. I needed to hear that today.

I hope you have fun on your cruise!

Roeckers said...

Man I miss RS meetings! Thanks for letting me in on a RS moment.

Hard to remember the blessings promised me and the example I have to set when I have girls mocking each other during my lesson today and having to cheer a tearful girl after the whole issue. Refocus- I am here to tear down those walls and force that sippy cup into these sinkin' stubborn teenage hands ;P they are going to drink and be edified! LOL