Friday, December 26, 2008

Our first Christmas together

Our first Christmas together! Husband and I were dating last Christmas, but he was in Iraq, so compared to that, this Christmas was 100000000000 times better. Our friend Ian, who couldn't fly home because of all the crazy snow storms, joined us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. He was a pleasant addition to our celebration. We started our own tradition of making pizzas on Christmas Eve. I used the pizza dough recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, which was simple and very delicious. Husband practiced his domestic skills by kneading the dough. After pizzas, we incorporated my family's tradition of playing a board game. Trivial Pursuit was the game of the night, with Ian proving to be full of random, useless information.

Christmas Day brought presents, food and more games. I was a bit concerned about cooking a turkey because I had never done it before. But it turns out it's not so hard. Husband once again showed his skills in the kitchen by mashing the potatoes. He had better stop doing things or I will know that he is good at them and make him do them all the time! Much to my surprise, all the food was done about the same time! I have no idea how that happened, but I call it my Christmas miracle.

Perhaps the highlight of the day, and the moment that will be talked about for years to come came when Husband opened up this present...


Anonymous said...

That is PERFECT!!!! I also like that he is using a HUGE knife to open everything!!! :) Alicia

Roeckers said...

Ok, This was awesome to watch. The video version of it was perfect. Certainly this is the one to be shared for years to come!

BTW: That's not a "HUGE" knife. It's a normal size knife. In fact for someone in the military it's a rather small knife.

I'll bet that he's the only one who used it to open such a girly present though!


BBKing77 said...

He should have kept using the knife after it was open. :P