Monday, February 13, 2017

Fun at -25*F (-32*C)

We had some really cold weather over the weekend. It was -39*F (-39*C) at 9am Sunday morning! Since it was so cold, we decided to have some fun.  I figure if we are going to live in the frozen north, we may as well have some fun with the cold. We tried two tricks. The first one was turning boiling water into snow. (Side note: I wanted to title this post "Our first Alaskan miracle: turning water into snow" but then I realized that our first miracle is that we have made it this far into winter and haven't lost any fingers or toes to frostbite.) The second trick was freezing bubbles. We blew bubbles and they froze in the air. It was as if they turned to plastic. Some of them landed on the snow and just stayed there, frozen. I was able to hold the bubbles in my hand. You can see from the pictures that some broke. Both were pretty fun experiments. I don't want to repeat them anytime soon though. That would mean it is super cold again. 

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Meg said...

So. Cool! The kids will die when they are this!