Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Northern Lights

Last night I was checking Facebook right before bed (who doesn't?) and I noticed a few people posting that the Northern Lights were out. I know they have been out the past couple of nights, but I always found out the next morning. So, I jumped out of bed and starting looking out our windows to try to find them. Sure enough, there they were. We quickly got dressed and went outside. Growing up in Canada, I have had the chance to view the lights a few times, but not like this! Oh my goodness! When they say the northern lights dance, they really mean it. They move across the sky like crazy. And the colours! Wow! It was absolutely beautiful. I can't believe we get to live here. What an amazing place. 

PS These pictures don't even begin to come close to capturing the beauty. 


Meg said...

Holy. Cow. That's amazing! Thank you for sharing!!

Brandon Percival said...

That Is so amazing! good thing you moved there instead of Hawaii. ;)

Meg said...

So cool!