Saturday, September 1, 2012

Visitors from New England

Recently our good friends, J and A, came to visit us all the way from New England. They brought along their adorable 1 year old boy, who is now nicknamed Flipper because of the dolphin-like sounds he made all weekend. We had a great time spending the weekend with our friends and we are grateful that they made the 12 hour drive down!  My camera is on the fritz so I don't have many pictures, but I thought I would share these:

Husband and Flipper, just chillin' out!

Of course Husband had to play with Flipper's toys. It was all good though; they are both pros at sharing!

Tickle Monster!

This little guy is definitely used to a camera. He would make this face pretty  much every time I tried to take a picture! And then he would want to look at the picture on the camera. (BTW, that is Husband in the background still playing with the toy!)


Not really sure what this face is about, but it cracks me up!

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Alicia said...

That's my boy!!!! When I get around to downloading our pictures I'll send you some!!!