Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spur of the moment hockey game

Yesterday, I received a phone call from a friend from church. Her husband had a few free tickets to the Texas Stars playoff game, and she wanted to know if we wanted them? Heck yes! So, with barely enough time to pick up the tickets, grab a bite to eat and drive to the game before the puck dropped we headed out. The Stars played the Milwaukee Admirals (the Admirals are affiliated with the Nashville Predators). The game was pretty good, with a few good goals, a small fight, and a goal with 20.6 seconds left in the third to tie up the score. The Stars won in overtime, much to our disappointment (We don't cheer for the Stars because of the way the fans yell the word "Stars" when it comes up during the national anthem. Call us crazy, but we feel that the national anthem should be about honouring and respecting your country, not about cheering for your hockey team). The best moment of the night, however, had nothing to do with the Stars game. Right before the third period started, I notice a TV in one of the suite boxes two sections away from us was showing the Blackhawks v. Canucks game. No matter what we tried, we could not get close enough to see the score. So I pulled out my camera, which has an amazing zoom capacity, and snapped a picture. The picture, which looked blurry on my screen, came out crystal clear, and we were able to see the score. My camera is amazing!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the game:

Our seats were behind the goal, which were actually pretty good seats. We could see the whole ice and every play (as long as the fans in front of us weren't standing up!)

No AHL game is complete without a game of human bowling during intermission. I totally want to try this! It looks so much fun!

How sweet is that? She said yes, of course!

Things were a bit heated at this point, and I had my camera ready for fight. No such luck this time.

My amazing picture taking skills in action. This screen was a good 75-100 feet away from our seats. By the way, we were both SHOCKED to see the Hawks up by 6 goals!

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