Sunday, March 27, 2011

I may be crazy...

We are moving in a month, the weekend after Easter to be exact. We are busy purging, organising and packing. And yet, I couldn't resist putting out some Easter decorations. Husband thinks I'm crazy. After all, we are moving! He joked that the decorations will be the only things left unpacked. We had some friends over yesterday and they commented that, of course, even though we are moving, I've decorated for Easter! I can't help it! I love decorating for holidays. And I can easily justify it: The decorations already have their own box. All I have to do it swoop them up and drop them in the box. It will take two minutes! Besides I think they make the place look more homey and distract from the boxes and general mess that comes with preparing to move.


The Lawlor's said...

cute. Your table decorations look great.

P.S. This is definitely a Michelle thing to do!

Alicia said...

We all know you are crazy... but it may not be because you put out decorations ;)

:) Alicia