Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

I didn't want to go to bed last night because I was afraid I would miss the snow that was in the forecast. When I finally went to bed, there was sleet, but no snow. I woke up at 4:15am and rushed to the window, hoping to see snow and I wasn't disappointed! Beautiful white snow covered the grass and sidewalk! I excitedly woke up Husband, who wasn't as thrilled as I was. It's not a lot of snow, not quite an inch, but it has completely shut this city down. It is hard for me to reconcile the amount of snow outside with the havoc it has caused. Everywhere else I have lived, this amount of snow wouldn't cause anyone to think twice about going out. But that wasn't the case here. Roads are closed, including parts of the interstate. We can see the interstate from our apartment and cars were not moving on it at all! Schools, businesses, and government offices are all closed. The buses are barely running. The police cars were equipped with tire chains so they could navigate the slick roads. According to the news, emergency personnel have responded to over 200 car wrecks in about 8 hours. Combine people who don't know how to drive in snow with sleet followed by snow and you have a very dangerous driving situation. Thankfully, Husband and I didn't have to go into work. We are quickly becoming the most popular people in our apartment complex because we own three car brushes/ice scrapers, and we are loaning them out to the people who are using credit cards to scrape the ice off of their cars. Husband says we should start charging!

The snow barely covered the grass. Not snow angel snow or snowman snow, but it's still snow!

Help! It's up to my baby toe!

This is the north bound interstate, about 6 hours after the snow.

Snow covered rooftops! If you look beyond the roof, you can see semi-trucks waiting for the roads to clear.

Snow on our car.

Blowing snow; the closet I came to seeing real snow falling.

Snowball making!

Snow makes me happy, especially when I don't have to go anywhere in it!


Travis and Mardi said...

I just don't understand. I'm trying, but I cannot fathom this sort of reaction to a little dusting of snow.

Natalie said...

you look seriously over dressed for that amount of snow. if you were in alberta with that amount of snow you would be wearing shorts and a t-shirt!! in fact, I wore capris just the other day (and we had WAY more snow on the ground). what am I trying to say? WIMP. you've gotten soft since you left Canada! I think it's time to spend at least a winter here

The Samples Sampler said...

Mardi, I still can't wrap my mind around the chaos this snow created here. Police cars with chains on the tires? For that little amount of snow? But, it was pretty slick out last night when the sleet was falling. I think that the sleet caused more of a problem than the snow. The city does not have the resources to deal with snow. I would hate to see what happens if we ever get 2 inches of snow here.

Nat, for the record, it was -7C when I was outside and the windchill was about -13C. It's been like that all week here. And I look for any excuse to wear my winter clothing.

I couldn't spend a winter in Canada. I would die from hypothermia!

Ashlee said...

I realized yesterday it's not really the snow, but the ice! They don't even have a way to spread salt... but I know, I'm from Utah. We had to get 24 inches in 12 hours or less to close school!

Samber said...

Hey! I have that scarf! Up here in Edmonton where we more snow fell in the last hour than Texas has probably ever seen! Good to celebrate snow. Add me to your private blog: sondiATtelusDOTnet (I don't know - I saw people do that so the spam bots don't get them. Obviously replace AT and DOT with @ and .)