Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's the point?

I hate pumping my own gas...hate, hate, HATE it! I will do everything possible to avoid it. Thankfully, my car can go about 420 miles (675 km) on a tank of gas (thank you Toyota for making such a fuel efficient car!), so I don't have to fill it very often. However, I have come up with a few clever ways to avoid pumping my own gas. My favourite trick is this: When Husband and I have to go somewhere and I know my car is low on gas, I will convince him to take my car. Once in the car and driving, I will casually look over to the gas gauge and exclaim in surprise "Oh, looks like we will have to stop for gas". I am sure he knows my little trick by now (I've done it enough times!), but he just sighs and heads for the gas station. After he pulls up to the pump I always look at him sweetly (while batting my eyelashes) and say "Would you like me to pump it?" He, of course, always says "No, I'll do it" and gets out and does it (If he ever answers "yes" to my question, I'll send him divorce papers!). Well, yesterday, I took Husband's car to run a couple of errands and I noticed that he was low on gas, so low that he would have to stop on his way to work (at 6am) to get gas in order to make it. I thought I would be a nice wife and get gas for him. Now that you all know how much I hate to pump gas, you can understand that it is a big deal for me to stop and do this for Husband. This is definitely going above and beyond my wifely duties, but he has been working long and hard hours and I wanted to let him know I appreciated all his hard work. So, I stop, fill his tank (in 100 degree heat) and then go home. Later that evening, we get in his car to go out, and I am sitting there, hoping that he will notice the gas gauge is on F. He doesn't notice. I was a bit disappointed, but I didn't say anything. The next morning (Sunday), he had to go to work. After he left, I waited about 20 minutes (I figured that was enough time for him to notice his tank was full! Have I ever mentioned I'm not very patient?), but he didn't call me, so I called him. I say "I left you a surprise in your car". He says "Where? I don't see anything." I tell him to look at the instrument panel, and finally, he says "Oh, you put gas in the car....thanks." That was it. No mention of how great I am, or how I am a wonderful wife and he is so happy/lucky he is married to someone who is willing to make sacrifices and to go above and beyond the expected wifely duties. That's the last time I do something nice for him! If I have to tell Husband when I do nice things and make huge sacrifices, what's the point in doing them?


Wright Family said...

lol.... ahhh, the joys of being the Wife! I'm so beyond doing the little nice things for my hubby too, they usually always go unnoticed & unappreciated! =)

The Boob Nazi said...

Go live in Oregon. Then you don't have to pump it ever! In fact, it's illegal to pump it yourself.

Ryan said...

Sad day! Alberta looks better and better all the time, eh?! Oregon would be pretty... Cut the boy some slack--it was probably VERY early in the morning and he was driving, so he probably couldn't do cartwheels at that very moment... You are so funny! Every one of yer entries has some new funny little story!