Monday, December 21, 2009

Sometimes I am too smart

I have just spent over an hour searching the house for Husband's stocking stuffers. I bought them last week, and hid them somewhere until I had time to wrap them. I had to hide them in a good spot because Husband is what I call a "seeker and a shaker". He's like a kid when it comes to presents. I pride myself on finding good hiding places, but this time I have out done myself. I hid the stocking stuffers so well that I can't even find them! I know I can go out and buy more stuff so he doesn't have an empty stocking on Christmas, so an empty stocking isn't my main concern. My main concern is the chocolate that is now hidden somewhere in my apartment, just waiting for all sorts of creepy creatures to consume it! If I can't find everything by tonight, I think I will send Husband on a search mission. I don't think he will mind.


Ashley said...

That is way too funny! Good luck on your chocolate hunt.

Laurie/CJ said...

Have you found it yet??

The Spencers said...

Hey Michelle, this is Janae. I just found your blog through Mardi's. Anyways, enjoyed reading through your blog. Good luck in finding the stocking stuffer. i totally laughed out loud,because I've done the same thing. Have a Merry Christmas.

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