Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentines Day Craft

Those who know me well know that crafting is not my thing. God did not bless me with the ability to craft. Whenever I see cute crafts on TV, in magazines, or on blogs, my first thought is usually "I wonder where I can buy something like that?" But, for some reason, when I saw this blog post last week, I had the crazy thought that I could actually do it. I don't know what possessed me to think that. I guess I just thought they were cute and looked easy. So other day I went and bought the supplies I didn't have on hand (which turned out to be everything but the glue gun!). Today I located my glue gun (it took me awhile to find it!), and decided to give the boxes a try. I wasn't surprised when it turned out to be harder than it looked. It took me about an hour to make two boxes, but I did it! And with minimal burns to my fingers. I didn't go all out like the blogger did; the hearts are from some leftover felt I had from my last crafting project...over a year ago! That's about as fancy as I got. I was satisfied that I was able to make the boxes. I didn't want to push my luck!

I had to take the picture like this because when I stand the boxes up, they lean. It's as if they are mocking me for even attempting to craft!


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SongbirdMama said...

Those are adorable!!

Ashlee said...

Cute idea! I made one for Tori and Mason today after seeing this!