Sunday, June 20, 2010

I've been thinking...

Husband and I spent our ENTIRE Saturday looking for a car to buy. Husband's car is very slowly making it's way to car heaven and we need a new one. We were at one dealership and the car refused to start when we went to leave! The salesman thought it was funny. Thankfully, it only needed some oil (We think it has a safety mechanism of some sort so that if it is low on oil it won't start.).We didn't find a car we liked, so the search continues. But, all that looking got me thinking: There needs to be a car realtor. Someone who goes to the dealerships, finds cars in your price range with the features you want, and then you just go and drive them. They would also help you negotiate the best price. If people do it for houses and apartments, why not cars? I would try to set up a business like this, but I hate looking for cars. So if anyone out there wants to give it a try, we will be your first customers. Give us a call!

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Alicia said...

So I take it you didn't buy a car today? There is very little in life that I DESPISE more than buying a car!!!!

;) Alicia